Little Venice in Bamberg

Bavarian traditional and craft beers 

For most beer lovers, Bavaria and beer go hand in hand and on this trip, we’ll show you where your magic brews are made and ingredients grown.

Among the breweries we’ll visit are Weihenstephan, the world’s oldest brewery, dating back to 1040!

But, we’ll also be visiting very new and small breweries that are just getting into the craft beer market.

No visit to Bavaria would be complete without Bamberg, UNESCO’s world heritage site fairytale town, which is known for its smokey beers. Bamberg is also home to the Weyermann malts as well as a brewery museum, both of which we will visit.

Little Venice in Bamberg

We’ll also spend a day on a brewery hike – a beer crawl through beautiful landscape – certainly, we’ll offer an alternative for those who don’t want to join.

Bayreuth, famous for its Wagner operas, is worth a visit for beer lovers year-round: Maisel’s Bierwelt is an amazing museum dedicated to our favorite beverage. 

We can’t leave Bavaria, the world’s #1 hop growing region, without a visit to the Hallertau – depending on season, hops might still be dormant, but we’ll certainly visit the hop museum and try some local brews.

This trip will conclude with a visit to Munich, where we will pay visits to some famous beer gardens & breweries.

Bamberg at night


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